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Ltd. «Capitol» — a reliable business partner .
Ltd. «Capitol» presented at the Moscow market since 1998 . The main activity of the company is the import of dairy products, mainly cheeses from Europe. During his successful work , the company has acquired a number of European and Russian partners , gaining reputation as a reliable supplier.
The company » Capitol » — a reliable partner .
The company has established long-term cooperative relationships with leading manufacturers of cheese in Latvia, Denmark , Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine and Belarus. Priority Ltd. «Capitol» is to preserve the flexible price policy. The main policy of the company is always transparent to partners and customers. Ltd. «Capitol» chooses to cooperate only those firms that adhere to the same principles and have a high reputation in the industry. Because of this , the company sets the most affordable prices on cheese and meat products in Moscow.
High quality service — the «face » of the company .
Ltd. «Capitol» supports their image through a clear observation of the quality of products provided , as well as a strict orientation to the needs of the client. Employees of the company , with extensive experience in sales of cheese and meat products, use an individual approach to each client and the consumer. The company » Capitol » has established itself as a stable and growing enterprises. Qualified management and employees of the company organizing the best models of domestic and foreign policy of the firm
Advantages of the company.
The most important step on the path of competitive advantages for the Company «Capitol» is an expanding business and strengthening its position by increasing the range of products. In this firm operates in clear agreement with the law and the observance of all legal nuances . Every year the product range and services company gradually expanded.
New positions in the company’s range .
To date, along with the cheese products , the company offers meat products from leading manufacturers. The use of modern refrigeration technology , helps to always provide fresh goods to the conservation of all taste. Line of products meets all quality standards and demands of modern customers .
The company’s cooperation with different brands provide a wide international experience for the further development of the company.

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